Hosted Desktop UK: Work anywhere, and forget IT headaches

Security, reliability and flexibility – that's hosted desktop

A Yorkshire Cloud hosted desktop isn't just about accessing your office from anywhere in the world. It's a secure and affordable solution for office-based staff too.

Running a business is hard. You have so many plates to spin. You have marketing to plan, sales to execute, cash flow to juggle and people to manage.

On top of all that, you need to ensure that your IT systems are robust, secure and that your team can be productive all day long. IT problems means that you lose money. There is a constant battle to make sure that your business keeps ahead of technology and combats Cyber Crime.

A traditional IT system is something else you need to manage. You’ll have an external IT provider, different software to renew, new PC’s or servers to buy and security software to keep on top of, not to mention backup and disaster recovery. It can seem like a never-ending expense.

A traditional IT setup can also be very inflexible. What if you need to work from home one day? Or what if you need to work from another country? It’s another hassle to try and sort out.

You might have heard of cloud computing, in fact you might use some form of cloud computing in your business today with Office 365 for your email, Xero for your accounts system or a cloud-based VoIP system.

A hosted desktop takes your IT to another level. You’ll never have an IT headache again. A Yorkshire Cloud hosted desktop is based in our UK data centres or in Microsoft Azure (we’ll give you both options). These data centres are purpose-built buildings of the highest security.

Your business won’t need servers or any other expensive infrastructure in your business. All you’ll need from your side is a good, solid internet connection.

We will do the rest. We will provide the support; the security software and we’ll ensure that it works 99.9% of the time. Nobody will complain of IT problems again!

Our support team is 100% Yorkshire-based. We’re friendly, professional and hugely experienced in cloud computing.

You can get on with running your business.

What’s more, our hosted desktop is fully compatible with Office 365 and Gmail. We can install all of your business applications in our cloud.

One of the best things about our hosted desktop is the cost-model. You will pay a flat monthly fee per user/per month. That’s it. You won’t have any other IT costs. You will be better able to budget for your IT. If you take on more employees, then we can add more users. Conversely, if you scale your business down, your invoice will also reduce. There will be no surprises when equipment breaks down.

And that remote working? You can work from any device in any location in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

The benefits with a Yorkshire Cloud Hosted Desktop are endless.

14“With maintenance outsourced and limited hardware to maintain, we can get on with running the business.”
Chris, Renovo

appeal“The remote access benefits are huge for us, and we’re pleased with the lower running costs.”
Paul, Appeal PR

Your office − everywhere

Think about what you need IT for – letters and email, accounts, client records, reports, internet.

With hosted desktop you can do all that and more… or less. You decide what services you need now and you can add to them later if you want.

It’s not about IT, it’s about efficiency

IT shouldn’t be a burden for your business – it should be an enabler. Hosted desktop takes away your IT worries:

  • No PCs to buy – we supply the hardware you need
  • No server issues – your data is securely stored in the cloud
  • Local support team – we’re just a phone call away

Cloud computing, what’s it all about?

It’s about working smarter, leaner, and more efficiently. It cuts your power -consumption and reduces your carbon footprint.

But the real beauty is that it doesn’t follow normal business hours – it’s always open. Think about low capital outlay, round-the-clock availability, secure access and automatic back-ups. We think you’ll get the picture.

Why Yorkshire Cloud?

We're based in Yorkshire, we understand the benefits of cloud computing and we've got years of experience helping Yorkshire companies.

Our servers, where your business data will be held, are all based in the UK. This gives us more control and is the reason we can provide 99.9% availability to our clients.

What's more, we speak your language. When you need our support, we're only a local call away.

We Understand Your Requirements

The team at Yorkshire Cloud has been providing IT business services from 2006 to Accountants and many other professionals, so we know exactly the right kind of technology to help businesses not only work but thrive.

We Have a Deep Experience With Cloud Computing

We have been working with 'Cloud' before the name was even coined. It is this long and deep experience that has allowed us to build a wide scale of commercial cloud services.

You Can Trust Us

See, we don't recommend Cloud practices for everyone. We take the time to understand your business first before then offering advice and whether it is well suited for them.

Talk to Us

You can always have a chat with us. We believe that the key to the best IT services is through communication. Then through that, we can provide the best hosted virtual desktop service for your specific needs.

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