Virtual Desktops Are the New Reality

They empower employees, strengthen security, and slash technology expenses for businesses looking to gain an edge

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Yorkshire Cloud are the professional’s best friend

The way people do business has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. We’re always on the go, customers have higher expectations and people want to be able to access their documents while they’re out and about. But all that freedom and flexibility comes with risks, and with cybercrime on the rise you need to know that your business-critical data won’t be compromised.

At Yorkshire Cloud, we combine the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing with a bullet proof approach to security. Our virtual desktops empower employees, slash IT budgets and enable enterprises to gain a real competitive edge,
whilst providing much needed peace of mind.

We’re Yorkshire born and bred so you can expect a straight talking, friendly and hardworking approach with no computer jargon or excuses. We believe in working proactively; constantly monitoring your system and ensuring everything’s working like
clockwork so your work is never disrupted.

Our virtual desktops are hosted on highly resilient, industrial grade servers, meaning your files are always available and any little problems are spotted and dealt with before they turn into big ones. And with all the features of a PC on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, deadlines can be met on the go and files updated in seconds.

With just a simple fixed monthly fee you’re guaranteed the best state of the art hardware, software, backup and
cybersecurity solutions in Yorkshire.

And Virtual Desktops are but one of our customisable cloud solutions, helping
service organisations operate more efficiently

What will you get by moving your servers & software to the cloud?

Locally hosted solutions & support from local Yorkshire lads

Moving your systems off-site to our local, ISO-certified cloud-computing facilities guarantees your company data will be stored securely.

It also guarantees your employees 24x7 access to those data from any device, and our Harrogate help desk technicians on 24x7 standby.

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how moving your systems off-site can
improve your business?

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