Is it time for your business to implement VOIP?

Is it time for your business to implement VOIP?

Great communication sits at the heart of any successful business operation, and the choice of telecom systems will inevitably play a huge role in how the company handles this crucial aspect of the venture. By now, you will have almost certainly heard about VoIP telephony. However, knowing whether it’s a worthy investment for your SME is an entirely different challenge altogether.

Here’s all you need to know about VoIP systems and whether they can bring a benefit to your business.

What Exactly Is VoIP Technology?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It can also be referred to as VoN (Voice over Network) or VoB (Voice over Broadband), and essentially is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls through the internet. It can be used to communicate with traditional telephone equipment as well as people also using VoIP facilities.

The technology behind VoIP is complicated but utilising it is far easier than the idea of transferring your voice into digital data before playing it to the receiver suggests. In practice, the interactions feel no different from a standard telephone call.

The Benefits Of Implementing VoIP Telephony

Given that the conversations themselves feel virtually the same as traditional calls over telephone lines, most business owners will rightly question whether it’s worth adding VoIP technology in the first place. After all, adding new communication facilities for purely egotistical reasons is a little pointless given that the clients won’t even see the equipment. Frankly, there needs to be some genuine value to the company.

Here are just some of the key reasons why VoIP telephony can work wonders for your venture: 

#1. Go Beyond Traditional Calls

VoIP calls give you the opportunity to complete all the standard actions such as putting people on hold or diverting to another department. However, they also go far beyond the capabilities of standard telephone calls.

You can connect with multiple people through group conversations or introduce other staff members to listen to the call. When combined with the fact it supports fax and other features, there’s no doubt that VoIP lets you do more.

#2. Security

In today’s climate, the importance of good security cannot be emphasised enough.VoIP systems are far less prone to hacking, particularly when they are managed by a winning cloud technologies provider. Client data will remain protected at all times, which will save your reputation in the long run.

While the telecoms systems might not stand out as the most significant element to protect, leaving yourself in a vulnerable position due to outdated systems and technology is never wise.

 #3. Save Money

Every business decision is a financial decision, and switching to a VoIP telephony system is sure to save money in the long run despite the (relatively small) initial outlay. Every call made from this point on will save valuable money and, given the amount of calls your business makes, this can be very significant indeed.

This is especially noticeable when handling previously expensive international calls. This is a majorly beneficial investment that will make the capital work far harder.

#4. No wires

Installations of traditional phone systems can be a nightmare, particularly when dealing with new premises. VoIP simply requires the computer systems and a dedicated IP address. This makes it quick and inexpensive to add new lines while also putting you in greater control.

Apart from aiding the installation process, this improves maintenance processes and can remove the threat of disruptions caused by faulty wires and equipment. Even when problems do occur with a specific computer, you can quickly reroute to pick up the line elsewhere.

#5. Integration

VoIP technologies integrate with a host of other tech applications to provide far greater function and transparency. This can include bringing up information about previous calls from a caller, placing outbound calls through Outlook, or generally storing valuable data that can be used to direct future business decisions.

Voice transcriptions are made possible, allowing users to have text versions of conversations stored in email without the need to take notes. Meanwhile, workers in the field can use VoIP while they’re on the go.

 #6. Better Scalability Opportunities

It’s one thing to choose a technology that works for your business in the immediate future, but keeping one eye on the long-term game is still essential. The scalability opportunities presented by using VoIP makes it the best option for growing companies too.

Once the initial technology is in place, adding new ‘lines’ could not be easier. It doesn’t require additional equipment as it all runs through the staff member’s existing facilities. Moreover, numbers can easily be rerouted to follow employees to new departments or locations if required.

What Are The Challenges?

While the benefits of using VoIP telephony easily outweigh there are a number of issues that need to be considered. They are as follows:

Upgrading your tech – ensuring that the business is powered by the right equipment for VoIP-based communication is essential. This does come at a cost, but should be seen as an investment, especially as you’ll save money on all future calls.

Connection reliability – ensuring that the business is powered by a reliable internet connection is also incredibly vital. However, with the right provider and IT management company behind you, this needn’t be a major concern. In fact, you’ll have fewer outages than the traditional phone lines.

Educating the staff – ensuring that your employees know how to use the VoIP technologies and interface is imperative for the success of using the systems. It doesn’t take that long to get them using the dashboard for one-to-one calls, group calls, and other interactions. Education is key.

In truth, the majority of issues are teething problems. As long as you have a winning team behind you, you’ll pass through those perceived problems in next to no time, leaving you to enjoy the above benefits in style.

Learn More About VoIP Telephony Today

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