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Do you need the tech know-how to work smarter? Do you find the complexity of the cloud and the cost of hosting getting in the way of your business goals? We’re here to walk you through the new age of business; an age that can be tricky to navigate and decipher.

No more lying awake at night worrying about data security. No more driving hours to reach your office desk to access tech tools you need. Above all, no more wasting time and money. It’s time to evolve, just as the business world has evolved.

Let us provide you with the technology you’ve been waiting for — and maybe, even dreaming about. Do your work anywhere, anytime. Let us take care of staying up at night.

“As a small business user, we have found Yorkshire Cloud a very effective and more flexible alternative to a small business server. I can’t envisage moving back to a physical server again now as the remote access benefits are huge for us, and we’re also pleased with lower IT running costs.”

Paul Snape

Managing Director, Appeal PR

“We hadn’t really considered moving our IT over to the cloud, but with two centres and a large number of students we quickly realised that it made sense, and the benefits have been impressive. The hugely increased flexibility of staff being able to work at home, or while travelling, has benefited the whole organisation and enabled us to be more responsive.”

Kirsten Henry

Director, Harrogate Language Academy

Union Jack

British-Based Technology

Who would host important business data outside of the U.K.? That’s just plain risky. The cloud can either be a “black hole” of uncertainty, or an actual location where you can store your data transparently and even visit in person, if you desire.

We're Not Cheapskates

It takes the best ingredients we can find to bake our sweet Parkin: We’re talking the most efficient hardware, security and backups. We designed our cloud solutions to give you the results you’re looking for. So, if you’re looking for a cheap deal, please look elsewhere. We’re not just the best of the best, but we’ll be your best friends in the crazy tech world, too. And we’re worth every pretty pound!

All of our Products Belong to us

Trust us, we don’t believe in reselling other companies’ products. Take out the middleman and know that you’ll be talking straight to us. Honesty and transparency. That’s what you want, right?

We Fully Support Your Business

We support customers straight from their desks, as we understand local IT support needs. You’re comfortable with the local tools at your disposal, but we’re still here to help you move ahead in the way of the future.
It’s pretty bright out here, but we’ll guide you all along the way.

Introducing Jonathan


Jonathan Edwards created Yorkshire Cloud. He’s a renowned IT business expert, and the guy to call when you have no clue what you’re heading for.

After his first successful IT support company, Integral IT, Jonathan took up the challenge of cloud computing. Building Yorkshire Cloud from the ground level, and with a power-team of talented people, he changed the landscape of IT.

Today, Yorkshire Cloud is the secret weapon of businesses across Yorkshire, the U.K., and Europe.

Find out what technology you need to take your business to the next level, and let Jonathan show you how.

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