Cloud Computing for Accountants

It’s relatively rare for an accountancy to operate out of just one office. This naturally leads to a wide range of technology-related difficulties and added challenges. Communication becomes more of a challenge as does training coordination and synchronisation of files. This also means both increased expenses on hardware as well as increased security challenges as your potential points of compromise multiply.

Another important consideration for an accountancy is the ability to enable employees to work remotely. Employees will often find themselves needing to do things like updating client payroll or inventory information from the field, or simply catching up on some work from home  outside of normal business hours.

There’s also your software needs to consider. Most accountants now use one of the “big name” accounting software suites such as Iris or Digita. These suites require a dedicated server running SQL, however, which creates added costs not just for the hardware but also for peripheral software and ongoing technical support.

“Yorkshire Cloud advised us that a migration across to cloud computing would be a savvy move for our business and it certainly has been. The benefits have been multiple and immediate. Not only can our team access their full desktops from any location, whether that’s working from home or on train journeys to and from client meetings, but we now have immediate access to files and documents in meetings. Enormous, heavy client files have become a thing of the past for us now. Instead the information is available at the touch of a button and easily searchable. The transition felt a bit like a step into the unknown but the team at Yorkshire Cloud made the transition straightforward and were on hand to sort out any issues every step of the way.”

Nick Price

Managing Partner, Eura Audit UK

The Cloud Solution

Migrating your IT network to our cloud services addresses all of these needs and concerns with one provider giving you ongoing support and keeping your data secure. And if any type of business can quickly see the cost benefits of a shift to cloud computing, it’s an accountancy!

A purchase of the hardware and software needed to run your servers in-house is an up-front expense, and a considerable one at that. By contrast, payments for cloud computing are an operational expenditure, since you’re essentially renting the infrastructure at an extremely competitive monthly fee. No assets are accumulated, so these expenses can be deducted directly from profits.


Industry-Specific Concerns

Accountancies must also contend with some unique regulatory requirements that are specific to their industry. For example, both data and emails must be archived for three years. There are also special handling laws regarding the storage and transfer of the personal information attached to financial records, particularly if they are to be transferred outside of the European Economic Area (in accordance with the Data Protection Act).

All of this means that reliable storage and proper security are even more critical to accountancies than to most industries. Loss of vital records or a breach could literally bring an end to a business.

With our cloud-based services, you can rest assured that your data is stored entirely within the UK, and that your security and technical oversight are being handled entirely by our qualified local team. A mixture of regular cloud-based and local “snapshot” backups also provides complete assurance that your records will never be compromised by a “ransomware” attack or some similar form of malware.


Going Paperless?

There is a growing desire in the industry for accountancy practices to go as paperless as possible, both for environmental benefit and as a cost-savings and efficiency improvement. Our virtual desktop services can eliminate nearly all of your need for paper documents.

Scan your papers, securely store them with our cloud storage, and all of your authorized employees will always have access to the most recently updated versions from wherever they are — with the further benefit of not having to retain or dispose of redundant older versions. Searching through documents digitally is also much quicker and easier than poring through filing cabinets!

You can also make the switch to electronic invoicing, and take advantage of automatic creation of invoices in the accounts payable system by sending an email with a document attached.

Recommended Cloud Products for Accountants

We have worked with a variety of UK Accountants, and we have a proven track record of delivering and customising relevant cloud services that benefit accountants. With our cloud services you’ll see greater flexibility, enhanced security and best of all – significant cost savings.

Virtual Desktop

With a Virtual Desktop, your Accountancy won’t have any servers in your office. Instead, all your applications, email and data will be moved into our secure data centre. This will eliminate the majority of your IT capital expenditure.

Hosted SQL Server

Hosting your Accountancy applications (Iris, Digita and Sage) on physical servers in your office can be expensive. With our Hosted SQL Server service, you can move your applications into our data centre and access them from any location.

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