Cloud Computing for Architects

For architects, the computing battle is all about two things — storage space and raw processing power.

Design and drafting software packages such as AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit are among the most resource-intensive of business applications. System requirements vary between software packages and different configurations, but at minimum, you’re looking at heavy memory requirements and an advanced graphics card to get even the most basic level of function out of them. On top of this, they generate large files that require correspondingly large amounts of storage space.


Handling high-powered applications and transfers of large files has traditionally been an area where cloud computing has not been the optimal solution. The landscape has changed rapidly, however, and we are pleased to offer modern cloud computing services and products that are more than capable of keeping up with an architect’s workload.

You won’t need anything in the way of local servers or physical storage, and with everything stored in the cloud everyone can work remotely. You’ll also enjoy enhanced security and continual technical support offered by our local staff. This also eliminates both the cost and hassle of periodically upgrading, maintaining and securing local servers stored in an office.

Our cloud services are optimised to deliver the power and software packages that architects need.

Recommended Cloud Products for Architects

Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop is perfect for Architects. All your applications (AutoCAD, Revit, Adobe etc) are installed in the Cloud, along with your email and files and folders. You and your team can log on and access your desktop anywhere with an internet connection. 

Cloud WorkSpace

Our Cloud WorkSpace solution packages our virtual desktop and VoIP systems together. Everything that your Architect firm requires to compute is cloud based. All your apps, email, files, folders and telecoms are available at anytime from anywhere. Perfect if you have remote workers or a flexible hot desking company. 


A cloud-based phone system provides you with the full flexibility of a physical phone “server” in your office, minus the need for ongoing maintenance, hardware upgrades, and employee training. You’ll also enjoy a new degree of mobility and can take advantage of flexible pricing based on your usage needs.

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