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When you've got more than 250 IT users

When your business grows enough to reach the “large” designation (more than 250 employees), it’s a virtual guarantee that you’re working from multiple locations. You may have one large office with smaller field sites or a reliance on remote work, or you may have a series of smaller offices in different parts of the country (or the world). Whatever the case, large businesses all face the considerable challenge of keeping their desktops and apps standardised and their files synchronised with so many different moving parts constantly in motion.

This puts a heavy strain on IT departments, who spend the bulk of their time “fire-fighting” issues as they crop up. This leaves little time to implement the company’s overall IT strategy. The problem continues to multiply as you add new locations, as each must have its own local IT infrastructure (servers, data centres and so on). Each of these infrastructures then needs its own set of support functions.

All told, the total cost is huge, and the end result is often an overly complicated IT environment prone to emergency issues and rife with budgetary waste.

So what can a large business do about this? The answer lies in moving your IT systems to the cloud. Modern data centres allow cloud services to replicate the full function of your IT network at a fraction of the cost, even if your business is particularly large. You’ll also enjoy one standardised Virtual Desktop for all of your various computers and devices, with all employees guaranteed access to the most recently updated versions of files and automated backups ready at the touch of a button.

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It’s good to have local file backups on hand, but local storage can’t be relied on by itself. Having files stored only on local media leaves your company vulnerable in the event a disaster destroys that hardware: fire, flooding, or theft being the most common culprits. There’s also the new issue of being hit by ransomware, which will encrypt and lock down your files in such a way that the only answer is to roll back to the most recent snapshot backup of your network.

Our DRaaS service handles the complex task of synchronizing both local and off-site backups. We store your cloud backups in purpose-built data centres that are located within the United Kingdom. If your local backups should be compromised for some reason, we’ll have your remote backups ready to restore the status quo as soon as you are ready.

That’s not all there is to DRaaS, however. We’ll also manage and restore the network connections between your remote data and local systems in the event of an emergency. And you can use space on our servers to replicate an isolated version of your desktop and test out new software, patches and upgrades before rolling them out to all of your employees, ensuring no unexpected downtime due to operating system mishaps whatsoever

Virtual Desktop

The quickest way to end the daily pattern of “IT fire-fighting” is to eliminate as much hardware as possible. With our virtual desktop service, all of your programs and apps are hosted on our servers, and all of your employees access the same desktop with the same files. With IT support under control, you can instead focus those resources on developing and implementing your IT strategy.

Hosted Unified Communications (UC)

When large businesses have separate accounts for the analogue phone lines and hardware, the office mobile phones, the internet connection, and the video conferencing equipment, an accounting and tech support nightmare usually develops at some point. It’s too much different hardware, too many different suppliers and contracts.

Hosted UC bundles all the telecommunications services a large business needs into one convenient and cost-saving package. You’ll get all of your phone and computing services from one supplier, with one technical support system for everything and one low monthly subscription rate.

Considering how much in the way of hardware and existing service contracts can be eliminated, significant savings are all but guaranteed in most cases, and with no reduction in available features. Productivity tends to instead go up as the system is much easier to work with, particularly for remote workers, and staff at different locations will find it much easier to coordinate.

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