Cloud Computing for Bigger Businesses

When you have 25-250 IT Users

It’s a little tricky to recognize the point at which a business has crossed the line from “small” to “medium” status. The formal definition (as provided by the government) is having at least 250 employees or a turnover of at least  £25m per year. Many businesses start to feel serious growing pains well before they hit this point, however; vaulting into the triple digits of employees is often where you start to feel the need for the sort of expansion that a mid-size business requires.

One of the biggest components of that expansion is upgrading and adding onto your IT network. At this point, your business has likely grown enough that you’re considering adding a full-time IT manager. And for every new employee that you add, your need for software and hardware grows. So you’re looking at not just added payroll costs, but greater capital outlay on your various technology products as well.

These additions can’t be put off, because straining an undersized IT network means downtime, and downtime means a deep impact to your bottom line. This growth also underscores a more vital need for a robust disaster recovery solution — another source of added costs.

How to get all of these costs under control? Virtualization! Moving the bulk (or entirety) of your IT services into the cloud offers an array of benefits to any type of business, but some of the specific advantages that businesses of this size will enjoy include affordable storage, rapid and easy scaling, simplified disaster recovery plans, major savings and improved efficiency in telephone service and an increased ability to enable remote work.

Recommended Cloud Products for Bigger Businesses

Virtual Desktop

Whether you opt for third-party IT support or an in-house IT team, management of your network is a significant ongoing expense. Why not roll it in with the cost of your operating system and services? With our Virtual Desktop service, you no longer have to worry about synchronizing operating systems or files between your many and varied devices. Not only that, you’ll receive ongoing security and support from our local team.

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery)

Medium-size businesses very often find it practical to keep some or all of their physical servers. Our DRaaS product covers both your in-house servers and the aspects of your business that have been moved to the cloud. You are guaranteed continual service in the event that the servers suffer a hardware fault or one becomes unavailable for some reason. You’ll also enjoy the added security of having both local and virtual data backups that are updated on a regular basis.


In-house telephone systems are one of the greatest needless expenses that plague modern businesses. With a Voice over IP (VoIP) system in place, you get the same level of functionality with greater ease of use, the elimination of capital outlay on hardware and ongoing employee training, and enhanced services like video and audio conferencing built right in. VoIP is a must for businesses looking to incorporate remote workers into the mix and can also reduce the cost of travel to meetings and events.

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