Cloud Computing for PR Firms

Public relations firms are always on call. Client need can be very unpredictable and sudden. That means a reliable IT network has to be in place for getting stories, comments and press releases worked up and out to the public at any time of day.

This is also a field in which remote work is absolutely vital, for similar reasons. Employees not only need to be able to perform their full duties from their home at a moment’s notice, but they also need the ability to just as quickly communicate and collaborate with each other under those circumstances.

“As a small business user, we have found Yorkshire Cloud a very effective and more flexible alternative to a small business server. I can’t envisage moving back to a physical server again now as the remote access benefits are huge for us, and we’re also pleased with lower IT running costs.”

Paul Snape

Managing Director, Appeal PR

The Cloud and PR

Cloud-based services are therefore vital for a PR firm, but it’s important to get the right services in place.

Let’s start with the issue of remote and off-hours work. PR workers are often scrambling to coordinate at some odd hour when few or none of them are at the actual office. It’s also not uncommon now for firms to have a sizable staff of freelancers who are bringing their own hardware and software to the table.

This is where a virtual desktop can assist. First of all, you’ll have all of your workers on a unified operating system, rather than trying to configure disparate individualised software like video conferencing apps and collaboration tools on each of their unique computers and devices. You’ll also be able to easily sync files between all users of the desktop, ensuring that each user always has access to the most recently updated version.


This is also going to improve organisational security — less unique software and apps plugging into your network means less potential security holes and points of failure. With our services, you’ll additionally enjoy continual security and monitoring to protect you from external threats like malware, ransomware and targeted hacking attempts. The personal information on clients that PR firms store is certainly of great interest to hackers, even more so if would-be intruders sense that your security is poor.

PR firms also frequently find they need to expand and contract in size as different projects come and go, particularly in the realm of taking on and letting go of freelancers and contract workers. This is another area where a virtual desktop setup has multiple benefits. It’s much easier to grant and limit access as needed as people come and go. Scaling is also considerably easier; you also aren’t faced with the expense of buying new hardware and software to accommodate a large project (which may then sit there unused for some period of time until you have a similar need for it). Infrastructure updates also don’t require any kind of downtime; they simply happen in the background as you go about your normal work.

Recommended Cloud Products for PR Firms

Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop ensures you can have all your workforce on the same unified desktop using the same applications without compromising your security. The flat fee per user model means there is no money wasted. 

Cloud WorkSpace

A cloud workspace solution packages our virtual desktop and VoIP systems together. Not only do you get all of the advantages described above, but you can increase the range of your business by allowing employees to work remotely with full access to your IT network from wherever they can connect to the internet.


A cloud-based phone system provides you with the full flexibility of a physical phone “server” in your office, minus the need for ongoing maintenance, hardware upgrades, and employee training. You’ll also enjoy a new degree of mobility and can take advantage of flexible pricing based on your usage needs.

Cloud Storage

You might have the basic need of storing documents in a secure location and getting access to them on multiple devices. Perhaps you also need to share these documents with co-workers. Dropbox is popular for this purpose but can give you security concerns. Our Cloud Storage is everything Dropbox is, but UK based and very secure. 

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