Cloud Computing for Recruitment

The day of a recruitment consultant is a non-stop buzz of activity. Given the need to be perpetually in touch with both clients and candidates, the consultant is virtually tied to their computer and phone all day!

So, naturally, a robust and reliable IT and phone system is required for these types of businesses. Many companies are left unhappy by trying to implement a bespoke solution with in-house servers and software. There’s the considerable expense, for starters, not just for hardware but also for ongoing technical support. Consultants also frequently feel their flexibility is limited when working outside normal business hours or having to travel off-site for a meeting.

By moving most (if not all) of your IT services to the cloud, provides a full set of solutions to the common computing issues that recruitment consultants face.

“It was essential that we appointed a cloud computing provider we could trust, and Yorkshire Cloud absolutely fitted the bill. We were really impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of the Yorkshire Cloud team. They’re down to earth and great at communicating with a non-technical audience.

The Hosted Desktop solution is working really well for our business. As a growing operation it’s vital that we have an IT solution that’s flexible and provides transparency in terms of cost. With all of our maintenance outsourced and limited hardware to maintain, we can get on with the job of running the business.”

Chris Parker

Director, Renovo

Storage and Personal Information

Recruitment consultants commonly have considerable file storage needs, sometimes fielding tens of thousands of CVs or resumes in the space of a week. In addition, those files frequently contain the type of personal information that falls under the terms of the Data Protection Act, meaning how it is stored and transferred is subject to certain government requirements.

Along with providing ample storage space at a price that beats attempting to purchase the same amount of physical storage, we can provide your consultancy with storage that is located 100% within the UK. This gives you both lightning-fast access from wherever you are and also keeps you in compliance with government regulations.

Up-To-Date Files Always At Your Fingertips

With a virtual desktop service, synchronization problems come to an end. Regardless of what computer or device they connect to the network with, users will get the most recently updated versions of all files and their updates can be accessed by other users immediately. It’s also much easier to organise and search files, a blessing when you’ve got thousands of candidate CVs to sift through!

An Improved Phone System

Though the business world is increasingly shifting to the online space, recruitment consultants still know the value of working the phones. Your need to be in contact with candidates and clients all day can be served better by a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system than by traditional hardware that requires maintenance and specialized training to use.

These systems offer you the full range of functionality of a standard PBX phone system at a more favorable cost, and with the option of getting support for your phone and computer systems provided by just one local provider.

Flexible Remote Work

Recruitment consultants often need to work remotely, either from a client site, or from home. After-hours calls to candidates are a necessary part of the job when they are still working for someone else and can’t be contacted during the day! Remote work becomes much easier with a unified desktop and file system that can be accessed anywhere, from any device, and that goes double if your phone system is cloud-based as well.

Recommended Cloud Products for Recruitment

Full functionality and superior service at a better price are what our cloud services are all about. With these services in place, you can focus all of your time on connecting clients to candidates and making your conversions — no more worries about IT problems and hardware failures.

Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop solution is an ideal fit for Recruitment Consultants. It means all of your data, email and applications are stored in our secure cloud. Your busy team can be productive and work from anywhere. 

Cloud WorkSpace

A Cloud WorkSpace solution packages our Virtual Desktop and VoIP systems together. Not only do you get all of the advantages described above, but you can increase the range of your business by allowing employees to work remotely with full access to your IT network from wherever they can connect to the internet.


A cloud-based phone system provides you with the full flexibility of a physical phone “server” in your office, minus the need for ongoing maintenance, hardware upgrades, and employee training. You’ll also enjoy a new degree of mobility and can take advantage of flexible pricing based on your usage needs.

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