Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

While the creation and successful maintenance of a small business is a major accomplishment, ideally it won’t stay a “small” business forever. Even modest business growth often leads to a major need for a hardware and software expansion to manage all of the new incoming traffic.


While this is a task that can be delegated to IT support businesses to some degree, it’s ultimately the responsibility of the business owner to keep the network as a whole up and running. Most businesses are almost completely reliant on their technology now; if the network is offline or compromised, the entire enterprise comes to a halt until it is fixed!

Unfortunately, this is an area in which costs can be highly unpredictable. One month you might see a desktop or laptop go down and need to be replaced. The following month, the server may go out. Two months go by without incident … and then you’re hit with a “ransomware” attack when an employee follows a link in a fraudulent email.


Wasted Money and Insecure IT Systems

Most small businesses will find that ongoing third-party IT support is essential. Of course, this adds on to your operational budget. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the areas where businesses of this size see the greatest deal of needless expense, budget waste and general hassle.

For example, let’s start with the phone system. Your IT and phone systems are usually separate, which means different suppliers and different billing. That’s also two different systems that require regular updates, training for new employees, and expansion as the volume of your business increases. Wouldn’t it be much more efficient (not to mention less expensive) if they were integrated?

It’s also extremely difficult to secure a network properly on a small business budget, and this is particularly true if you’re relying entirely on your own in-house hardware. This is an area where some small businesses decide to forego necessities, thinking that they are too small to be on the radar of criminals. Exactly the opposite is true, however; online criminals are increasingly targeting small businesses specifically because their security tends to be much more lax.

So how do you keep your network scalable and affordable while also keeping it safe from intruders? The answer lies in the cloud! A virtual network gives your full staff easy access to the latest versions of all your documents, automated “snapshot” backups that protect you from ransomware and other hacking threats, and lets you combine your computer and phone networks into one service managed by one contractor. It also eliminates the expense of periodically upgrading your server as it ages and drops in performance.

Recommended Cloud Products for Small Businesses

Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop is the option to choose if you want to eliminate the hassles and ongoing cost of having a physical server at your location. In addition, you’ll be managing just one operating system, and full support is included at one low fixed monthly price.

Cloud WorkSpace

A Cloud WorkSpace solution packages our Virtual Desktop and VoIP systems together. Not only do you get all of the advantages described above, but you can increase the range of your business by allowing employees to work remotely with full access to your IT network from wherever they can connect to the internet.


A cloud-based phone system provides you with the full flexibility of a physical phone “server” in your office, minus the need for ongoing maintenance, hardware upgrades, and employee training. You’ll also enjoy a new degree of mobility and can take advantage of flexible pricing based on your usage needs.

Cloud Storage

At a minimum you should be ensuring that all your vital company data is stored in the cloud securely and that you can access your data on any device. Our Cloud Storage services gives you 50GB of data space in our secure data centre. 

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