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Whether it’s for business or personal use, everyone needs secure storage for their files, folders and photographs.

People are increasingly turning to cloud storage, since it requires no physical storage media and makes it easy to sync your files between different devices. Naturally, when they first go looking for a storage service, they tend to gravitate to the free ones. Dropbox is the market leader in this category, with over 500 million registered users worldwide.

It’s completely understandable to not want to pay for a service when you don’t have to! However, there’s more to be considered here than just the price tag — namely, the security of your files.

Dropbox offers the free version to get you in the door, with the hopes of upselling you to the proper full-featured version. The free version lacks important security functions like the ability to remotely wipe locally-stored files from devices if one should go missing or be stolen, sharing links that have inadequate security features, and no built-in screening for malware and viruses.

Real Cloud Security with Yorkshire Cloud

The paid Dropbox for Business service remedies some of these issues, but there’s an even better and more robust solution — local cloud storage that is entirely based in the UK.

Our UK data centres are ISO27001 compliant and are purpose-built for both physical security and protection from natural disasters. If you’re in a line of work that requires compliance with the terms of the Data Protection Act, such as government or financial services, it’s most likely a legal necessity for you to host your data with a provider that keeps it within the UK.

Data stored with us is also automatically encrypted for you. We use 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptography in cipher-block chaining mode; if that seems like just a bunch of gibberish, the translation is that it’s next to impossible for snoopers to capture your data while in transmission or crack your password.

You’ll also get automatic “snapshot” data backups. Regular snapshots are increasingly important as they are the only real defence against ransomware attacks, which are becoming the most popular means for cybercriminals to extort money from businesses. If you happen to be hit with such an attack, just roll back to your most recent snapshot and you’re right back in business.

You’ll enjoy 50GB of data storage per user, 25 times what you get with the free version of Dropbox, and it’s possible to expand this if need be. You’ll also have easy access to this data not just with your computers, but also through your smartphones and tablets.

50GB Secure Cloud Storage – Just £8.00 per month

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