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All the Technology You Need With One Product

With Cloud WorkSpace, you get our Virtual Desktop and Hosted UC (VoIP) services packaged together. This not only saves on your monthly bills, but also gives you the benefit of single-source service for your full cloud and telecommunications network.

Our bundled virtual desktop and VoIP systems are suitable for any business size, and it’s much easier to scale them in response to your changing needs than it is to expand or contract a traditional in-house system.

All of your cloud¬†technology is based entirely within the United Kingdom. We act as your sole supplier to provide both service and security for your entire network, and you’ll also enjoy the convenience of receiving only one invoice from one supplier.

The Ultimate in Remote Working

Remote work is an increasingly important component of all types of businesses. With our advanced network, you can work from wherever you can access the internet. Have your work desktop available at home or while on site with a client, or even pick up your extension number while you’re relaxing on the beach!

A number of our customers no longer maintain physical offices as it offers them no advantage. If your business is similarly flexible, you can potentially eliminate the considerable overhead of a physical location by virtualizing your full network. Online meetings can be conducted using VoIP, and employees will always have access to one unified desktop (with the latest versions of files) no matter where they are.


Save, Save, Save

Once you’ve subtracted the need for physical servers, security, licenses, backups and support, on average you can expect to see about 40% taken off of your regular IT costs by switching to a virtual desktop. That’s just for your IT infrastructure. Replacing your PBX phone system with a VoIP system offers you even further savings!

Cloud WorkSpace¬†gives your staff the same functionality of a PBX system, but with the ability to access those lines through an app on their smartphones or the soft phone on their PC. The kicker is, it’s going to cost you much less than maintaining and upgrading a PBX system would.


Scale Up ... Or Down

Need to increase staff temporarily for a one-time project? You can simply add subscriptions only for the months in which they are needed. Your costs return to normal once the project is complete, and you’re not left hanging onto added hardware and software that you might not have a use for again.

Should your company experience a major overhaul, such as a business restructuring or a shift to a new software suite, it’s simple to quickly adjust our product to accommodate you without any budget waste.

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