Disaster Recovery

IT disasters come in many different forms: theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, and network compromise by hackers, just to name the ones most frequently seen. A serious hardware failure could also constitute a disaster for your businesdisaster-recoverys if it can’t be fixed quickly and you’re suffering from extended downtime.

Unless a business is particularly large, it will likely have somewhere between one and five servers that make up the critical backbone of their IT network. If the server system is compromised by one of these disasters, business usually comes to a halt given how completely reliant most companies now are on their technology. While you wait for the fault to be fixed, you’re losing money.


Businesses are usually not adequately protected from all of the different disaster threats they may face, nor do they have a contingency plan in place for extended downtime. For example, if there was a fire, flood or a burglary at your office, would your employees be able to move to another location and continue work? How long would it take to get them operational again? Would it even be possible, or would you have to wait for the office to be repaired and the hardware to be replaced and set up again?

The Cloud: A Safe Harbor From All Types Of Disaster

A big part of the reason why so many companies are turning to cloud-based computing services is that they are a simple and reliable means of safeguarding businesses against disaster situations at the office.

First of all, it removes the possibility of servers being physically damaged or stolen from the premises. You’ll see a number of productivity benefits, too; for example, a Virtual Desktop allows all of the office computers and devices to share an operating system with instant file synchronisation. And it saves you the expense of having to upgrade your servers every few years when they start to have the inevitable performance issues.

You’re also getting continual monitoring and response to threats. If you’re running an in-house server setup, that’s something you’ll only otherwise get by paying an IT specialist a fairly hefty salary, and they still won’t be on the job all the time!

A significant and growing threat to all types of businesses is ransomware. This particularly nasty form of malware encrypts vital files throughout your network, and then the criminals demand a ransom (thus the name) in return for the password to unlock them. Criminals will often make multiple ransom demands, then abscond without actually ever giving up the password.

Since the encryption is nearly impossible to break, the only real defence against ransomware is to have periodic “snapshot” backups of your network sent to cloud storage; if ransomware strikes due to the errant clickings of an employee, you’re able to “wind the clock back” to a point just before it locked everything up.

Our Disaster Recovery Services

When you use our cloud services, you’re working with a local company that stores all of your data at centres within the UK for added safety and quicker access. We’ll provide local support for your entire network at an immense cost savings compared to what you would pay for physical hardware and IT staff. And if disaster should strike, you can rest assured that you and your team can get immediately back to work from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Disaster Recovery

If you’re running physical servers inside of your office, then IT failures are part and parcel. The important thing is that you’re protected against hardware failures. With our DRaaS product, even if your servers fail, your IT systems will continue to run.

Virtual Desktop

It would be great if you didn’t even have to think about Disaster Recovery. Well, with a Virtual Desktop you don’t. All data is stored in our secure data centre. If your office suffers a fire or flood, you can work normally from anywhere else with an internet connection. 

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