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How fast does your internet need to be to run a hosted desktop?

yorkshirec November 12, 2013 0 Comments

One of the common myths around cloud computing is that you need a lightning fast internet connection. Potential cloud users often dismiss the idea of implementing a hosted desktop because they perceive their internet speed to be too slow.

Before I begin talking about internet requirements for Yorkshire Cloud, let me point out that not all hosted desktop solutions are the same. Different providers use varying types of hardware and software and this effects the internet speeds required for access.

At Yorkshire Cloud, we’ve always prided ourselves on using the highest standard of hardware and software. The result is that you don’t actually require much internet bandwidth to access our servers.

Without getting too technical, the internet speeds required for the Yorkshire Cloud hosted desktop are as follows:


The more the better, especially for anything graphics intensive like web browsing.

Absolute minimum (basic apps, no web browsing): 100Kbit/sec/user
Yorkshire Cloud recommended: 500Kbit/sec/user



Absolute minimum: 50Kbit/sec/user
Yorkshire Cloud recommended: 75Kbit/sec/user

So, for a 20 user company at a single location, Yorkshire Cloud would recommend:

Download: 500 x 20 = 10Mb
Upload: 75 x 20 = 1.5Mb

If you connect to a free online speed check service then you can easily test the speed of your internet connection.

The majority of our customers use the hosted desktop service with a standard business broadband connection.

Written by yorkshirec

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