Cloud Computing for Finance Directors

Payroll is usually the single biggest expense for any business. When you have good people on staff, it’s money well spent, but even the best workers can’t function if the IT network is down.¬†Your technical and labour costs are tied together, as the labour is neutralised when the technology is lost.

finance directorThe traditional approach to a business network is to buy a server that is stored at the office along with all of the support hardware and software it needs. This was once the only realistic option, but with the advent of cloud computing it is now becoming outmoded and inefficient. The costs greatly outpace those of a cloud based network without granting any added benefit, and it also puts your business at greater likelihood of technical mishaps that grind everything to a halt.

The key is capital expenditure. If you can eliminate the need to buy all of that hardware, maintain it over the cost of its lifespan and then replace it when it’s no longer functional, you can save a very significant amount of money. A cloud based network allows you to do this with no loss of functionality, and in fact an increase in productivity due to various factors such as an enhanced ability to do remote work.

With our cloud-based services, you pay only a fixed cost per month, and can add and remove users freely. It not only eliminates hardware-related expenses and boosts productivity, it also greatly improves your ability to scale rapidly.

Our Services for Financial Directors

Virtual Desktops

Our Virtual Desktop service moves all of your programs, applications and files to the cloud, so you don’t need to maintain local servers (and all of their support hardware and software). In addition to nearly eliminating hardware-related costs, all of your employees will have a unified desktop environment with access to the same apps and the latest versions of their files from whatever computer they are on.

Support is also handled at our end seamlessly, to keep you online and productive at all times. You don’t have to worry about a series of maintenance contracts for different systems or about straining your IT staff as they respond to various hardware-related emergencies on premises.

We also handle your security with continual monitoring and an always-ready response.

Businesses of all sizes are continually slammed with hacking attempts and bogus emails attempting to deliver malware. You no longer have to worry about having IT staff monitor and respond to these threats, nor do you face significant downtime if ransomware or something similarly nasty manages to slip through via an employee inbox. We’ll make “snapshot” backups of your network automatically that you can always roll back to in the event of an emergency.

On average, businesses take 40% off of their IT costs by switching from local servers to our Virtual Desktop system; the more hardware and locations you have, the more savings you’ll see.

Workspace Online

Our Workspace Online product combines our Virtual Desktop service with our Hosted UC cloud phone system.

Most offices run an analogue PBX switching system to manage their phone lines; this means more hardware cost as well as a service contract that’s entirely separate from your IT system.

With our Voice over IP (VoIP) service, you get all of the same function of your existing PBX system, but minus the hardware. It’s rolled in with your computer network service, which means you can access company lines from any computer.

You’re free to set a number to ring not just from desk handsets but from any office device, or even have it follow you to devices at home or on the road.


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