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When you host your own servers that are physically present in your office, there’s a range of natural disasters that need to be accounted for. It’s true that the UK is unlikely to see hurricanes or earthquakes at a level of force that is likely to damage your servers; however, fires and flooding are always a possibility.Icon-Only-White

A malware attack can also qualify as a disaster if it separates you from your data. Ransomware attacks on networks that are not properly prepared with regular backups can cripple a business.

A cloud backup along with a remote disaster plan is the fastest and most effective means of addressing a disaster or attack that impacts local hardware at the office. We are pleased to offer a Hosted DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) solution that puts your disaster recovery plan on our remote servers and under our care. If something happens at the office, regardless of what the issue might be, we can have you back up and running as soon as you have computers or devices and an internet connection available to work with.

About Veeam DRaaS

The specific solution that we provide is called Veeam, and it’s an industry-leading disaster recovery solution.

VeeamVeeam ensures that your data is continually backed up safely to our remote data centres here in the UK. If something happens to your machines locally, you can simply roll in your most recent backup from the remote server with no trouble. This is particularly important in guarding against ransomware, as it’s virtually the only realistic fix for it once it has taken hold across your local network.

Veeam isn’t limited to just making snapshot backups of your data, however. It will also manage the network connections between your local systems and your stored data on our servers. This means that your network does not have to be manually reconfigured on your end should it fail; Veeam will recreate everything for you.

It also doesn’t matter what operating system or file system you’re running. Veeam offers both instant file-level recovery and instant application-item recovery in all circumstances. On that same subject, if you’re thinking about changing operating systems or upgrading to a new version, Veeam comes with a “virtual lab” feature that lets you test it out first in a virtual environment hosted on our servers. You can see exactly how the new installation will impact your current network, but you don’t have to lose any productive time or take the risk of system failure in doing so!

Finally, Veeam is storage-agnostic, which means that it will work with any of your existing physical backup systems that you keep locally. You can even integrate multiple existing backup systems at different sites if need be. You’re not locked into local backup services with Veeam; use whatever method you prefer, and Veeam will synchronise with it to get your data into the cloud for safe storage.

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