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If you’ve ever used business email before, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Microsoft Exchange. With an install base somewhere in the range of 500 million users worldwide, it’s easily the most commonly used of the server-based email systems.

For two decades now, the standard approach has been to install Microsoft Exchange on a physical server located in your office. This has been considered best practice for businesses of all sizes, from five people working out of a small storefront to multinational corporations running multiple servers.

While it’s certainly a functional approach, it’s also frequently an expensive and troublesome one. The main issue is the need for the servers themselves, and all the support hardware / software and security that comes along with them.

There’s a variety of peripheral software to handle functions like security, backups and filtering spam and viruses, but the level of function needed for business isn’t rolled into the base Exchange model. You have to not only identify which add-ons are best for your business, but also pay extra to get them. And this is before you get to the added costs of regular IT maintenance and support for your network.

The Rise of Hosted Exchange

In recent years, with the rise of cloud computing,┬ámany companies have opted to move their email system to a “Hosted Exchange” platform.

These platforms function in exactly the same way a physical server running Microsoft Exchange does, but you don’t need to keep any hardware on site. Instead, businesses pay a simple monthly fee for each mailbox they need, and their provider handles the rest from a remote location. With no need for equipment or the ongoing maintenance of it, many businesses see a significant cost savings from this model.

Hosted Exchange Options

UK businesses interested in a “Hosted Exchange” service have two options — they can either use Microsoft’s Exchange Online, which is part of the Office 365 suite, or they can go with a local provider who guarantees their system is hosted in the UK.

It used to be that if you were in a line of work that required you to comply with Data Protection Act regulations, it was virtually necessary for you to go with a local provider who guaranteed all your data was stored in the UK. However, as of late 2016, Office 365 users now have Microsoft’s assurance that their data is stored on a Microsoft server located within their country of residence.

As far as usability goes, the products are identical. You’ll be using the same version of Microsoft Exchange in both cases, it’s just a question of who is hosting your data.

The primary difference is customer service. With Microsoft, you’re one of hundreds of millions of their customers, so getting personalised service is a virtual impossibility. With our hosted service, rather than creating an online “trouble ticket” and waiting for a response (or paying extra for their “professional” support tier), you can simply pick up the phone and call us locally to have your problem addressed.

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