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Professional services companies commonly have line of business (LOB) applications that require an SQL server. One option is to buy your own SQL server and run it in-house, but that means a great deal of capital expense.

The servers themselves need to be high-spec to handle SQL, and they additionally need to be supported by lots of memory and fast hard drives. Then there’s the cost of SQL server software, technical support and licenses. And of course, as the business expands and new people come on board, that means more licenses are required. Each SQL license is £205.00. For every 20 users, you’re looking at over £4000 just on licenses!

After all this expense, you’ll find that remote access to company SQL applications is still slow and clunky. To improve this situation, companies may employ a remote desktop — however, that’s another server that requires yet more licenses and hardware expenses.

Companies that have between 5-150 users will likely have just one SQL server. Until you add more users than that, it isn’t really cost-effective to run a cluster. So what’s the issue with running a single server? It represents a single point of failure. If the server has issues or is damaged (or stolen), the entire network grinds to a halt until it’s repaired or replaced.

Our Hosted SQL Servers: The Better Way To Handle LOB Apps

Making use of our hosted SQL servers eliminates both the capital expense and the failure potential of an in-house server setup.

Your use of the server and your operating system are part of your subscription. There’s no need to pay for any extra hardware beyond the computers and devices you are already using for your regular work. You can also access your applications from anywhere there is an internet connection, using any computer or device that’s capable of running them.

You’ll also always have access to the latest software versions, running on modern and updated hardware.

You also don’t have to pay for user licenses. You just pay for the monthly subscription, and are free to add and remove users as you need. That also means no need to purchase additional hardware for temporary projects, only to be left holding it once the project ends.

We also handle regular backups on our end, and will assist you with disaster recovery in the event of an emergency. No need for a third-party technical support contract; it’s included with your monthly subscription. Finally, there’s no “vendor lock-in” with our hosted servers. Some other solutions force you to lease or contract with them for five years. We offer annual contracts, and you’re welcome to try before you buy!

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