Hosted Unified Communications

Our Hosted Unified Communications (UC) package bundles all your telecommunications needs into one simple service: fixed and mobile phone lines, video conferencing, presence technology and instant messaging all from one source. The Traditional Business Communications System: Too Many Lines, Too Many Bills.

Traditionally, businesses have had their telecommunications services divided up into four separate networks that are relatively isolated from each other:

Fixed phone lines handled by an on-site PBX switching system tying together a series of analogue handsets at desks throughout the workplace

Conference and collaboration services from yet another provider, and also with varying degrees of ability to integrate with the IT network

Instant messaging and presence services implemented and managed by the in-house IT department, with little to no interface with either of the types of voice lines

Mobile phone lines from a different provider, and sometimes a mix of different providers

Not only does this represent multiple bills to pay each month, but also more hardware requiring ongoing service contracts!

Full Hosted UC: The Simplified Solution

Our Hosted UC product packages an advanced VoIP solution with the tools needed to also integrate video conferencing, presence and instant messaging. With this service you can entirely dispense with your analogue phone hardware, as the full functionality of a modern PBX system is present and is seamlessly integrated with your other telecommunications areas of need.

In addition to integrating all of your communication services and reducing your operating expenses significantly, you’ll enjoy the following:


    • Full transition of phone hardware and video conferencing equipment to cloud-based services; no capital expenditure or ongoing maintenance costs, and you can access the full range of services from any internet-connected device
    • Client apps enable you to extend voice telephone service to your desktops and laptops, as well as extending instant messaging, collaboration tools and video conferencing to all of your devices
    • Have one phone number across multiple devices, and make or take calls from any device
    • Have access to the full range of advanced PBX services across all of your devices and from any location outside the office
    • One supplier to contact for any of your telecommunications needs, and just one monthly bill covers all your services
    • Simultaneous ringing of a number on multiple devices and/or handsets
    • Easy integration of contacts already stored on your computers and devices into the phone network

With Hosted UC, you’ll take your business communications to an entirely new level.

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