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Given that they have to be designed with foot traffic, creature comforts, and of course work in mind, offices are not the most secure environments. They’re not meant to be vaults or fortresses, after all!

That becomes a problem when you’re hosting your servers on site, however. These servers usually contain valuable personal and financial data, and while cybercrime is on the rise there are certainly still no shortage of good old-fashioned criminals with crowbars about willing to do things the direct way.


There’s also serious security issues away from the office. Running a physical server at your location means that remote workers are stuck using VPNs to get any kind of access. VPNs tend to be very slow, which means workers tend to keep personal and confidential information on their laptops rather than leaving it on the secured server. Those laptops and devices then represent even more potential points of compromise if they are stolen, lost or hacked into.

Unfortunately, those aren’t your only security concerns. There’s also backups and disaster planning to consider. If you only keep backups on site, they won’t do much good if your hardware is stolen or damaged in a natural disaster.

Likewise, if backup systems are connected to the company network, they’re going to be useless if the network is compromised by a ransomware attack or some similarly nasty form of malware.

The Cloud Provides Better Security

When you move your IT system to the cloud with a reputable local provider like Yorkshire Cloud, you’re instantly upgrading your total network security.

First of all, instead of keeping servers in an office, your data will now be on servers located in a purpose-built secure data centre. Your data is always stored in the United Kingdom, both for quick transfer and to keep you in compliance with the terms of the Data Protection Act where applicable. These centres are also all ISO 27001 registered for your added peace of mind.

There’s also no more piecing together off-the-shelf products into a leaky, hard to maintain ad-hoc security network. Unless you’re running a notably large business, you probably cannot afford to have an IT security specialist on staff monitoring your network at all times and responding instantly to attack attempts. Our Cloud Computing services can give you that, however, and at a much lower cost than what you would pay in salary for such a professional. Our security is also never off duty!

Cloud backups also protect you from any and all forms of local compromise such as theft, fire and natural disaster. This is done at a significant cost savings over having comparable local backups on hand. And if you should happen to be hit with a ransomware attack, a “snapshot” cloud-based backup system allows you to almost instantly recover and restore your network to its normal state with the threat eliminated.

Security Is Paramount

Regardless of the size of your business, cyberattacks are projected to do nothing but increase in frequency and intensity in the coming years. That’s largely due to companies not securing their servers properly due to budget issues or simple unawareness of how vulnerable they really are. With cloud services provided by our highly experienced and qualified team, we pledge to you that your company will not join them as a statistic.


Recommended Products

When IT security is the most important thing

Virtual Desktop

When you move to a Virtual Desktop, you’ll no longer need to have any servers based in your company office. In addition, no data is stored in your office or on company owned laptops; it’s all moved into our secure UK based data centre. You access your data, emails and applications, securely over an internet connection.

Cloud Storage

It’s essential for businesses of all sizes to be able to store their data safe and securely and access it on any device. Often people opt to use a Dropbox account, which is located outside of the UK and often not secure. Our Cloud Storage product functions in the same way as Dropbox, but data is stored in our secure UK data centre.

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