Legal Services

Discover how our IT solutions empower the Legal Industry

Any law firm’s success depends on the ability to win cases, and robust technology plays a big part. Clients also expect you to keep their information confidential, and failure to do so can lead to lost reputation, lawsuits, or even business closure.

Yorkshire Cloud’s solutions ensure confidential client data is always stored securely in highly protected servers, in full compliance with the GDPR. Our Cloud Workspace also allows your employees to access in-house case management software, create legal documents, and conduct secure client meetings from anywhere in the world on demand. The result – happier clients, enhanced productivity and lower overheads.

Why choose Yorkshire Cloud?

  • Our solutions let you work from anywhere so you prepare for cases anywhere you are
  • We implement best-in-class security solutions to ensure you meet compliance regulations
  • Our communication tools let you stay connected all year round with clients and other lawyers

Discover how our IT can benefit Legal Services:

Hosted Email

Receive malware-free emails from clients and coworkers regarding software projects on any internet-enabled device

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VoIP Telephony

Communicate with clients about time sensitive cases through any internet-connected device anytime, anywhere

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Client Testimonial

It was essential that we appointed a cloud computing provider we could trust, and Yorkshire Cloud absolutely fitted the bill. We were really impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of the Yorkshire Cloud team. They’re down to earth and great at communicating with a non-technical audience.

The Hosted Desktop solution is working really well for our business. As a growing operation, it’s vital that we have an IT solution that’s flexible and provides transparency in terms of cost. With all of our maintenance outsourced and limited hardware to maintain, we can get on with the job of running the business.