Recruitment Agencies

Discover how our IT solutions empower Recruitment Agencies

Companies rely on your skills and expertise to help them find the best people. But without the right technology, finding the best match and staying on top of administrative chores can be a challenge. Robust and secure networks are essential for streamlining communication, organising files and working more productively; allowing you to fulfil clients’ expectations more easily.

Yorkshire Cloud’s virtual desktops and Cloud Workspace allow users to easily organise and search files on any electronic device with an internet connection. Our time saving, robust solutions allow your team to work more efficiently, collaborate more easily and work on multiple documents at once. And because we only use best in class security solutions, your confidential data will be safe and secure at all times.

Why choose Yorkshire Cloud?

  • We store all your in the cloud so you always have lightning-fast access to them
  • We implement best-in-class security solutions to keep your data secure
  • Our time-saving, robust solutions let your consultants work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively

Discover how our IT can benefit Recruitment Agencies:

Data Backup & Storage

Store all candidates’ resumés in our cloud-based backup server so you’ll always have access to them when needed

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Disaster Recovery

Minimise downtime and get back on track immediately after any disasters with our foolproof disaster recovery plan

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Client Testimonial

It was essential that we appointed a cloud computing provider we could trust, and Yorkshire Cloud absolutely fitted the bill. We were really impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of the Yorkshire Cloud team. They’re down to earth and great at communicating with a non-technical audience.

The Hosted Desktop solution is working really well for our business. As a growing operation, it’s vital that we have an IT solution that’s flexible and provides transparency in terms of cost. With all of our maintenance outsourced and limited hardware to maintain, we can get on with the job of running the business.