Cloud Computing for Managed Service Providers

Yorkshire Cloud offers our industry leading and locally focused suite of cloud-based services to MSP’s and IT support companies who have clients in need of cloud solutions that are kept 100% within the UK and fully secured around the clock.

When you partner with us, we do all of the hard work for you. You’ll be using our server infrastructure, which we fully maintain and secure. This frees you up to focus on first line support and your relationship with your clients. You can also arrange to “white label” these services, and earn generous commissions as our partner.

With our services as a backbone, your clients will see a lower number of trouble tickets reported by their customers, leading to reduced resource expenditure and greater profitability for them.

The cost savings are quite significant. IT companies generally pay well in excess of £30,000 per year in salaries for qualified staff members to support their clients network infrastructure and servers. It’s very difficult to run a profitable IT services company with that level of staffing cost. When you contract with us, however, we’ll replicate that service at a much lower price by maintaining your network and servers on your behalf.

Managed Services vs Emergency Response

The “emergency response” mode of technical support, in which the security contractor only replies when they are already in the midst of a serious problem, is simply outdated at this point. This is especially true in the area of security, where businesses of every size are fending off attempts to penetrate their network and phishing attacks pushing malware and ransomware on a daily basis.

managed service providerThat’s why our services proactively keep your clients protected and experiencing as much smoothly operating uptime as possible. We’ll take care of and alert you and your clients to issues prior to their development into emergencies. We’ll also handle the vital but time-consuming daily tasks like backups, updates, patches and security checks. This virtually removes the possibility of catastrophic outages and extended periods of downtime that can cripple businesses of any size.

Our services give your clients access to the level of support that is generally only enjoyed by enterprise-level companies. They’ll also see the benefit of drastically reduced downtime, lower operating expenditures and greatly improved operational efficiency. Your clients can rest assured that their network is always protected from both security issues and technical mishaps, allowing them to place their total focus on running their business and handling their own clients.

Building a support, storage and server network for hosting is tough and takes considerable time. So is building a reputation for security, uptime and customer service. Yorkshire Cloud has already built this foundation, and by partnering with us you can instantly take advantage of it. We’ll provide your clients with a full suite of technical support and vital IT services, giving them one source to go to for all their needs — we can even get them set up with VoIP phone service to replace their aging PBX systems if so desired.

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