Cloud Computing for Managing Directors

Managing directors need to focus as much of their time as possible on growing their business. They don’t need to be dealing with IT issues. If the IT system is down, or not doing what it is supposed to do, that’s a direct hit to your productivity.

Additionally, you need the peace of mind provided by a system that is as secure as it can be. Cybercrime is a major risk to the health of businesses of all sizes. 60% of companies that lose their data to a computer attack will close their doors within six months. Having company security hanging over your head by being asked to select the right hardware and software options is a strain you just don’t need on top of all the other responsibilities of your position.

Managing the IT systems and getting them fixed isn’t supposed to be your job. Finding competitive advantages for your company is. A Cloud-based IT network¬†takes care of both of these things at once. When you have an IT system that always works, that is accessible from any location with an internet connection, and that is fully hosted and serviced by a reliable remote provider, you won’t just have to worry about technical issues. You’ll enjoy a competitive advantage that rivals still running in-house server systems don’t have. And in addition to not having to purchase and maintain IT hardware, you’ll also have access to the latest versions of all the software you use at all times as part of your monthly subscription.

Recommended Cloud Products

Virtual Desktop

Our Virtual Desktop service puts the same desktop on every employee’s computer. They have access to the same programs and apps, and will always have the latest and best versions at their disposal.

The desktop runs in a “virtual environment” that’s sent to your organisation’s computers and devices over the internet from our remote servers. That means there is no need for physical servers at your location, not to mention all the associated hardware and software they require. You also don’t have to juggle multiple service contracts or worry about straining in-house IT personnel; all technical issues are handled on our end, and we continually monitor our servers to ensure things are running smoothly. Should a problem develop, we’re just a phone call or message away.

This also both strengthens and simplifies security. As far as physical security goes, you have no further worry about your servers being compromised by theft or a natural disaster. Our servers (and your data) are hosted in secure United Kingdom facilities surrounded by a perimeter fence and staffed at all times. There’s also no need to string together an ad-hoc firewall system from off-the-shelf security products; we’ll assist in keeping cybercrime from striking and will automatically back up “snapshots” of your desktop at regular intervals. If an employee does happen to errantly click on a link that delivers malware, it’s a simple matter to roll back to the most recent snapshot and be right back in business.

Workspace Online

Workspace Online provides you with all of the Virtual Desktop benefits described above, but with our VoIP service rolled in.

VoIP can fully replace your existing PBX telephone switching system with no loss of function whatsoever. You’ll enjoy added advantages like having one number ring on multiple devices, remote access to company phone lines and a more easy and cost-effective way to scale up or down as you take on new projects.

As with Virtual Desktop, this also eliminates a great deal of your hardware and the technical support needed for it. You’ll also receive just one bill each month for both your computing and telephone services, and only need to contact one provider for any service issues.

Cloud Storage

If you’re a ‘one-man’ Managing Director, we can also help. Our Cloud Storage product gives you 50GB worth of secure Cloud Storage space which is available on multiple devices. Forget Dropbox, our product is UK-based and very secure.

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