Cloud Computing for MSP Business Owners

Your customers want cloud computing, but they don’t necessarily want Microsoft Azure and 365. So what do you do when those are the only products on offer?

cloudsLarge businesses, as well as small-to-medium enterprises in Data Protection Act categories like finance and law, are generally still wary of Microsoft cloud solutions. They’re widely settled for, however, due to a perception that they’re the only viable game in town.

Monolithic as they are, there’s plenty of room for an alternative provider to gain a competitive advantage over Microsoft products. For example, their solutions are provided as-is; customers with more flexible needs that would best be addressed by a bespoke solution are left out in the cold. And then there’s pricing; a great area to compete in as customers always want to go lower, but how do you do it with business expenses like software and staff salaries to account for?

The Future of MSP Businesses

To present, MSP businesses have spent most of their time fire-fighting individual IT issues for their client, plowing through mountains of “trouble tickets” every week. That’s both a stressful and inefficient business environment.

So how does an MSP business scale, improve and grow? The answer doesn’t lie in adding technical staff to the office. Instead, it’s in becoming the trusted partner of customers in order to provide them with IT strategy.

Our cloud solutions partner you up with a company staffed by highly skilled engineers. We take care of the technical aspects, or the fire-fighting that consumes so much of your time. You can focus instead on the work that you enjoy, which is providing advice and guidance to your customers.

Our Resale Products For MSP Businesses

White-Label Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop provides your customers with one unified desktop environment across all their devices. No more fielding tickets for hardware issues, operating system problems, or anything related to synchronising and updating files. We handle all support seamlessly at our end, keeping both you and your customers as productive as possible.


If you look after traditional physical servers, then ensuring backup and disaster recovery are working as they should do can become a head ache. With our DRaaS you can backup and replicate your customers servers to our UK-based data centre. If there’s an issue with their on-premise server, the client can continue to work. Plus, it’s cheap as chips.

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