Remote working

Is it possible to enable remote work with a traditional IT setup of hosting physical servers on company property? It’s possible, yes. Is it the optimal solution? No, not by far.

That’s a problem for a lot of companies, because there’s a rapidly growing need for employees to work from home or “hot desk”, as well as a growing reliance on temporary help from freelancers and contractors who could be based in another country entirely.

Some businesses have even completely divested themselves of physical offices and operate entirely as a network of remote workers. That means a need for a centralised place for everyone in the company to be able to access all of the IT resources (files, apps, folders, email and even the phone system) from wherever they might be.

Unfortunately, traditional IP setups (a physical server or set of servers hosted in your office) make remote work much more troublesome and cumbersome than it needs to be. Security and accessibility are the two primary problems. Remote workers will need to use VPNs to securely access company data, but these can be very slow; sometimes they won’t work at all with certain applications.

Businesses now work with partners, customers and employees located not just throughout their home country, but all throughout the world.

They need to be able to collaborate just as effectively as if they were sharing an office. So if the traditional server model isn’t up to snuff, then what is the answer?

Fortunately, the answer is pretty simple: migrating your IT network to the cloud using a trusted local partner like Yorkshire Cloud. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the primary advantages.


The Cloud To The Rescue

No-Touch Maintenance

The first (and biggest) advantage to companies that rely on remote work is server-side maintenance. Having physical servers means someone has to be hired to fix issues, not to mention take care of routine maintenance and periodic upgrades to the hardware. Using our cloud-based network means that our team is handling all your hardware at our end (and we’re always on duty).


Constant Security

Another major issue for companies relying on remote workers is keeping their network secure. Stringing together off-the-shelf products into some sort of pastiche firewall simply is not acceptable anymore given the level of threats that even small businesses face from hacking and phishing attacks.

Continual monitoring and threat response is what’s needed, but if you’re going the physical server route, that means also positioning IT staff on site at the cost of some fairly high salaries. For a much better rate, you can have us look out for the security of your cloud-based network instead. Also, no more VPNs! It’s easy to adjust access for different employee levels or for temporary workers.


Confidentiality Concerns

As a UK company, you have the Data Protection Act to keep in mind when you store or transfer any files that contain personal information. With local cloud-based services such as ours, you can be assured that all of your data is stored here in the UK without exception. There’s no need to employ ad-hoc solutions from the road, which generally results in the use of “free” services that are inherently insecure and may result in legal issues.

Recommend Products for Remote Working

Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop means you can log on and access all of your applications, files, folders and email wherever you are in the world; as long as you have an internet connection. Working remotely has never been so easy.

Hosted UC

We all need to communicate with colleagues and customers. Sometimes when you’re working remotely, this can be hard. Our hosted UC product means that your extension number is wherever you are and it also comes with in-built video-conferencing.

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