Data Backup & Storage

Store your confidential files on our geo-redundant data centres

Accidents happen. Even with the most stringent policies and procedures in place, you can’t always account for user error or disasters like floods and fires. Any loss of data can cause your business to lose trust, reputation, money and customers – especially now the GDPR is in force. Our data backup and storage service avoids any dramas by automatically replicating your data and migrating it to the Cloud, so you’ll always have access to it no matter how big the calamity.

The Cloud is also completely scalable, which means you can store as much data as you would like and access it whenever you like. And of course, it’s also protected by our multi-layered security systems, so you won’t have to worry about cyber baddies stealing it.

Benefits of Yorkshire Cloud’s Data Backup & Storage service:

  • Pay-per-use rates - pay based on the storage space you are using only, no unnecessary extras
  • High security - uses robust, multi-layered security system to protect your data from any malware
  • Time efficiency - our automatic backup system means you don’t have to worry about replicating and personally migrating files to the cloud

Client Testimonial

We hadn’t really considered moving our IT over to the cloud, but with two centres and a large number of students we quickly realised that it made sense, and the benefits have been impressive. The hugely increased flexibility of staff being able to work at home, or while travelling, has benefited the whole organisation and enabled us to be more responsive.

Harrogate Language Academy

Hosted Email

We host, maintain, and monitor your emails so they always run smoothly and are malware-free

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Disaster Recovery

Minimise downtime and get back on track immediately after any disasters with our foolproof disaster recovery plan

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