Hosted Email

We host, maintain, and monitor your emails so they always run smoothly and are malware-free on every device

Yorkshire Cloud has Northern England covered

Businesses send and receive thousands of emails every day. That’s great when it’s all working well, but if things go wrong you’re looking at embarrassing data loss, thousands of pounds in expenses and a lot of wasted time.

Yorkshire Cloudeliminates downtime and boosts productivity by hosting emails on dedicated, military grade cloud-based email servers that are completely safe and secure.

Our service includes a wide range of features such as backups, archiving, large file attachments, and online storage to help you save, send, and sort out your emails more efficiently. We’ve also implemented spam and virus filtering tools to stop spam mails and virus-infected emails reaching your inbox.

Yorkshire Cloud’s Hosted Email is:

  • Cost-efficient - our in-house management allows you to eliminate large IT expenses
  • Secure - our email security features eliminate spam mails and virus-infected emails
  • Flexible - access your emails from any internet-connected device, any time, any place
  • Proactively maintained - we regularly update and monitor your email server 24/7/365

Client Testimonial

We hadn’t really considered moving our IT over to the cloud, but with two centres and a large number of students we quickly realised that it made sense, and the benefits have been impressive. The hugely increased flexibility of staff being able to work at home, or while travelling, has benefited the whole organisation and enabled us to be more responsive.

Harrogate Language Academy


Data Backup & Storage

Store your confidential files on our geo-redundant data centres and always have access to them

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Disaster Recovery

Minimise downtime and get back on track immediately after any disasters with our foolproof disaster recovery plan

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