Cloud Computing for Solo Working

Whether it’s for the advantages of freelance work or an entrepreneurial project, a growing number of people are leaving the traditional workplace behind and striking out on their own. It’s a tremendously liberating state, but also one that puts you at a few disadvantages. One of the biggest of those is the loss of the IT infrastructure that an employer provides.

Solo Working

When you first strike out on your own, you may find it a challenge just to sort out exactly what IT services you need, let alone putting them all together on a reasonable budget. It often takes some amount of experience working at your new venture to fully determine the entire range of software and service products you’ll need for it. At absolute minimum, however, you’re likely going to need tools to do these things:

* Communicate and collaborate with customers and contractors / subcontractors

* Maintain a professional customer-facing public presence that conveys an appropriate sense of size and scope

* Secure your business systems and personal computers / devices from both indiscriminate malware and direct hacking attempts

* Handle professional mass e-mails

* Back up your critical files regularly and sync them between your different devices (and provide you with plenty of storage space)

Unfortunately, the approach that most newcomers to solo work take is to purchase a gaggle of individual products that do not properly interface or communicate with each other. And while these products may provide individual technical support, there is no overall holistic support system that one can go to when problems involve multiple components or unknown causes. Not only does this end up generating a lot of needless expense, your productivity is severely reduced while you sort all of these issues out.

Our Cloud Solution

Fortunately, there is one elegant and perfectly tailored solution for the solo worker who needs a full suite of IT services: a virtual package that is based in the cloud. Yorkshire Cloud offers Virtual Desktop services designed specifically to address the needs of workers looking to implement such a solution.

Of particular note to independent workers is our Cloud WorkSpace package, which provides all of the critical tools that one might need at a very reasonable price, and our cloud storage services, which provide both a greater amount of storage space and a higher level of security and personalized service than the free and “budget” alternatives such as Dropbox.

Cloud WorkSpace

Yorkshire Cloud’s flagship product comes packed with every bit of technology that an independent or remote worker is in need of, all at one low monthly subscription price. The service is additionally cloud-based, so that it can be accessed from any computer or device that is capable of connecting to the internet. Along with the convenience of easy access and a central repository for your most recently updated files, you can rest assured that your data is properly secured and that it is entirely stored within the UK.

Cloud Storage

In addition to Workspace Online, you can take advantage of our cloud storage services individually if you so desire. Each user gets 50gb of cloud data storage, and this data is always stored entirely in the UK. We also provide a local sync client that not only works between different devices (phone / tablet / computer) but also between different operating systems (Windows and Mac). And all of your data is always secured with two-factor authentication, which means your data is still protected should a password get out into the wild somehow.

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