Naples UK

Moving Sage into the Cloud

Company Overview

  • Number of Users: 5 office based
  • Previous/Alternative IT Solution: in-house Sage server
  • Yorkshire Cloud Customer Since: May 2013

The Problem

With a heavy reliance on Sage accounting software to run their business, Naples UK have always had an in-house server for Sage, file sharing and email. After 7 years of running their in-house server, it was starting to slow down their productivity. They also work from 2-3 different locations and it was becoming cumbersome to access the IT needed from each location. They began looking at alternatives, including a server renewal. Servers are expensive items to buy and maintain and Naples UK had heard good things about the cloud.


The Solution

The owners of Naples UK contacted several cloud providers. They eventually decided to move forward and implement the Yorkshire Cloud hosted desktop. We initially moved all their email onto our modern Hosted Exchange platform and then installed Sage accounting software on their cloud server. Naples UK have a pretty slow internet connection at one of their locations but this didn’t matter; the Yorkshire Cloud hosted desktop doesn’t require much bandwidth to run.

The Results

Moving to the Cloud is daunting. I spoke with several Cloud providers who all seemed totally clueless. When I spoke to the team at Yorkshire Cloud about a Cloud solution for Naples Components, they seemed to know what they were talking about. When we made the switch they held our hand, nothing was too much trouble.

Each day we switch the computers on and the system just works. We no longer have the headache of our in-house server failing or having to update it.

Naples sells on many online marketplaces and we have software linking from these market places into our Sage system so continuity and speed is very important. We also run Sage on a network at different locations. By moving to the Cloud we do not have the headache of worrying about connecting these offices together. In our experience, Sage across a network can be a nightmare but with the Yorkshire Cloud hosted desktop it is literally like a bullet train, I wish I had made the decision to move to the Cloud sooner!

The exchange server email system which was also implemented is a breath of fresh air - I don’t know what I would do without it now. Previously, I think we were living in the dark ages.

I no longer have to think about IT issues - we don’t have any.

To the team at Yorkshire Cloud: I am hanging onto your shirt tails - these guys know what they are doing.

Paul Burns - Sales & Marketing Director.

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