Appeal PR

Company Overview

  • Industry: public relations
  • Number of Users: 6 office based staff
  • Previous/Alternative IT Solution: ageing in-house server
  • Yorkshire Cloud Customer Since: August 2006

The Problem

Appeal PR has been a customer of our sister company, Integral IT, since August 2006. Back then, the company had outgrown their mini-network and we implemented a small business server. In 2012 the server was six years old and a replacement was needed. Faced with a choice between an expensive new server and moving to a Yorkshire Cloud Hosted Desktop, Appeal PR decided to move to the cloud.

The Solution

The old server was removed from the office and all the data transferred to Yorkshire Cloud hosted service. New thin clients were brought in to replace the ageing PCs and email was configured on all company iPhones and iPads.

The Results

“As a small business user, we have found Yorkshire Cloud a very effective and more flexible alternative to a small business server. I can't envisage moving back to a physical server again now as the remote access benefits are huge for us, and we're also pleased with lower IT running costs.”

Paul Snape, Managing Director, Appeal PR

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