Arrow Digital

Company Overview

  • Industry: Internet advertising
  • Number of Users: 4 office based staff
  • Previous/Alternative IT Solution: ageing in-house server
  • Yorkshire Cloud Customer Since: February 2012

The Problem

Like many companies, Arrow Digital had relied on a server-based IT system to store key data for many years. Each member of staff was able to access this centralised data from their own computer, via the company network.

Over time, this system became sluggish and less dependable.

The Solution

It was clear that the server’s days were numbered. Arrow decided to re-evaluate its IT provision. The firm had two key requirements: to improve reliability and make it easier for staff to work on the move and from home.

With these in mind, Arrow approached local suppliers, including Yorkshire Cloud. After evaluating Arrow’s requirements, we proposed a system that would see Arrow move its data and applications into our cloud platform. Employees could then securely log in and access their data and software from any computer, anywhere.

The new system lets all Arrow employees log in from any computer that’s connected to the internet. They always see the same thing: their desktop, providing access to the software and files they need to work. This is a standard Windows desktop – with no learning curve. Arrow was able to hit the ground running.

The Results

“Our server was getting slower and slower and our software was unreliable. The problems started to really disrupt our work, because some days we had to restart the server several times.

Although I’d had the idea that we might want to move to the cloud, I hadn’t seen a system like this in practice before. The guys at Yorkshire Cloud did a really good job of explaining how it all worked, and once I saw it in action, it clicked in to place.

I could tell straight away that the convenience was right for us. Occasionally I work from overseas, and I knew it would give me the flexibility to do that.

We’ve seen huge improvements in reliability. It’s a stable platform that works for us. We’ve never had a moment of downtime. I had a lot of worries about IT equipment before, but now I can focus on my work.

The most important thing about Yorkshire Cloud is their service. They always respond quickly if something’s not right or we need extra software. That’s the greatest quality they bring. Yes, the product’s great and we don’t have any issues with it, but the service is what makes me confident we’ve made the best decision.”

Leigh Woolard, Managing Director, Arrow Digital

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