Harrogate Language Academy

Company Overview

  • Industry: education
  • Number of Users: 8 office based staff
  • Previous/Alternative IT Solution: ageing in-house server
  • Yorkshire Cloud Customer Since: February 2013

The Problem

Harrogate Language Academy faced the same problem as many small-medium sized businesses; they had an old in-house server which needed to be replaced. The high costs of replacing an in-house server mean many businesses postpone the decision, invariably putting their business at risk. In addition, the computers and office software were in need of a refresh.

The Solution

Like a number of our other clients we discovered that the Academy was entitled to faster broadband at no extra cost. This small difference gave them a much faster internet connection. We transferred all their documents from the in-house server and also set them up on our cloud email system. As the Yorkshire Cloud Hosted Desktop runs on any device with a browser, the decision was made to use their existing PCs to connect to our cloud.

The Results

“We hadn’t really considered moving our IT over to the cloud, but with two centres and a large number of students we quickly realised that it made sense, and the benefits have been impressive. Now our teachers can instantly access and print learning materials from laptops in the classroom. And the hugely increased flexibility of staff being able to work at home, or while travelling, has benefited the whole organisation and enabled us to be more responsive.

It seemed daunting at first, but the team at Yorkshire Cloud are down to earth and good at making the whole process pain free. So the transition from PC to cloud was fast and smooth. We felt it was crucial that we could totally trust our IT provider and that’s certainly been true of Yorkshire Cloud.”

Kirsten Henry, Director, Harrogate Language Academy.


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