Company Overview

  • Industry: vehicle leasing and management
  • Number of Users: 15 remote sales staff
  • Previous/Alternative IT Solution: in-house server
  • Yorkshire Cloud Customer Since: July 2012

The Problem

JCT Contracts is part of the JCT600 Motor Group. They have a 15-strong sales team who are always out on the road. Typically, staff working remotely found it very hard to connect to the corporate network. As a result, people had to email documents to each other. This meant that documents were stored on company laptops without being backed up. Version control was impossible to manage.

The Solution

Yorkshire Cloud implemented a cloud file server for JCT600. This meant that each member of the remote sales team could access the team documents wherever they had an internet connection. Unlike traditional remote access systems, the cloud file server runs at great speeds and also has built in security, so IT management can decide who has access to which files.

The Results

“It was becoming very cumbersome for the team to have to email documents to each other and we inevitably had a lot of documents stored on laptops. With Yorkshire Cloud’s help we did the research on cloud computing and soon realised it made sense for our business to move part of its IT operation to the cloud.

Because the Yorkshire Cloud servers are located locally, and we know that security is second to none, we were able to get the reassurance we needed that our data would be safe and that there was full accountability.

The end result for us is that our team can now work from home, or from any location, with full flexibility and have access to all the business’s shared documents, enabling us to work more efficiently.”

Brian Kirby, Systems Manager, JCT600 Contracts.

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