Moving cloud provider

The Renovo Success Story

Company Overview

  • Industry: recruitment
  • Number of Users: 16
  • Previous/Alternative IT Solution: alternative cloud provider
  • Yorkshire Cloud Customer Since: September 2012

The Problem

Renovo was a very early cloud adopter, using a cloud IT solution for their business since 2010. Like some early cloud solutions, the technology was a little clumsy and needed an onsite server, which made the solution more expensive. In addition, the speed of their internet connection was too slow. Like other recruitment businesses, Renovo use applications which require lots of memory and processing power, which the previous solution couldn’t really cope with.

The Solution

Yorkshire Cloud uses ‘best of breed’ technology, so the Yorkshire Cloud Hosted Desktop doesn’t require an onsite server − instant cost savings for Renovo. We were able to install all their applications into our cloud environment without any issues. We also upgraded the internet connection and left enough room for growth.

The Results

“Technology is vital to our business. The majority of our services are distance based, delivered via a common service platform consisting of next generation technology. We frequently communicate with clients online in group workshops and webinars. It was essential that we appointed a cloud computing provider we could trust, and Yorkshire Cloud absolutely fitted the bill.

We were really impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of the Yorkshire Cloud team.

Directors Rob Collins and Jonathan Edwards are down to earth and great at communicating with a non-technical audience.

The Hosted Desktop solution is working really well for our business. As a growing operation it’s vital that we have an IT solution that’s flexible and provides transparency in terms of cost. With all of our maintenance outsourced and limited hardware to maintain, we can get on with the job of running the business.”

Chris Parker, Director, Renovo Employment Group

"With maintenance outsourced and limited hardware to maintain, we can get on with running the business."

Chris, Renovo

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