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Our Virtual Desktop service provides the full functionality of an in-house server system, but without the headache and cost. You get access to all of your applications, software and files from anywhere an internet connection is available, and both technical support and security are handled for you on our end

No More Servers to Worry About

Paying for servers is expensive enough, but they also saddle you with a variety of added costs — UPS, software licenses, backup software, cloud backup, and security software to name the most common. Installing all of these different pieces of software also creates patchwork solutions that frustrate employees and provide inadequate security.

Each server is additionally good for only about three to five years, at which point it will be too outdated to adequately support your network. Both your servers and all their associated support items are therefore not really so much of a one-time cost as they are a rental for several years’ time.

No More Wasting Money on IT Support

Technical support is the biggest cost in any IT budget.

Unfortunately, it’s a cost that also grows along with your business — the larger the IT estate, the more expenditure you’re looking at for support and maintenance.

Another common issue with IT support is that seeming initial “fixed” costs turn out to fluctuate much more than you expect. Changes in business circumstances, moves from one office to another, and one-time added projects often create significant added expenses in this area.

Save up to 40% of Overall IT Costs

A Virtual Desktop eliminates the need for servers (and all the associated hardware / software / backup / security products you’ll need) as well as rolling your support in with the service at one fixed price. When you tally up all the costs of a traditional IT operation, you’ll usually find a virtual desktop subscription saves you nearly half of your previous spend.

The amount that you’ll save basically is determined by how much hardware you have (or project the need to expand to). The more offices, servers, applications and general bits of IT infrastructure, the more you save with a Virtual Desktop system.


Much More Secure

Small businesses face continual bombardment from ransomware and similar “phishing” attempts, and that threat is not projected to slow down anytime soon. Small business networks tend to string together off-the-shelf security software, often versions of it designed for personal rather than business use, which is an inadequate safety barrier that cannot compare to a professionally managed enterprise system. With a virtual desktop, you get access to such a system at a fraction of what it would normally cost, and with both ongoing security monitoring and regular backups handled at our end.



Each Virtual Desktop user account gets the features below included

Windows 10 Style Desktop

10GB Storage Space


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

50GB Exchange Mailbox

Backups Included

Company Applications

Office 2016 Software


Robust Security Software

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